Saturday, October 9, 2010

Autumn Fun Black's Peaches and Cotton Belt Bakery

So you see Fluffy - Leave me by myself for too long and I just get into too much trouble. What should I do? All I wanted was to play some Fall games, run through leaves and smell the crisp Autumn air!

My family went to Black's Peaches and Cotton Belt Bakery and enjoyed themselves. They were telling me all about the pumpkins they found. They were also telling me about the Autumn Farm Festival at Black's where they have:

Farm Animals - I could have played tag with them!

Hay Rides - I am good in a car, why not on a hayride?

Games - I know how to play games! Ever hear of fetch?

Mazes - You know I can find my way out of anything!

Pumpkins - I would have picked the best one!

Story Time - Ahhh...rub my belly and read me a story and I am all over that!

Oh well, maybe next year they will bring me! Check out Black's for more info! Now, what did I do with the rest of that paper towel roll?

More about Black's at A Shopper's Quest.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

50% Off 2nd Rider at Latta Equestrian Center

Yo Fluffster,

Rosie here. You remember my friend French Fry the Mare from Latta's Equestrian Center? He just told me about the ShoppeCharlotte SmartCard Program and that Latta is offering 50% off the second rider. WOOP WOOP!

Remember the good old days...running the range, looking for something to chase...good times...good times...Oh wait...that was just one of my dreams...oh well, a girl should have dreams right?

Catch ya on the flipside chick...don't be a stranger.


P.S. I am seriously thinking about coloring my fur to match the hat. What do you think?

Check out another view of Latta Equestrian Center.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Soothe away your troubles at facelogic

Dear Fluffy, I'm really looking forward to our next hockey match. I'm prepared to go tail to tail with you, so come on down to the rink...

This time I'm more prepared and have a back up plan if I need to soothe away my troubles... I'll be visiting facelogic in Mooresville, NC for the ultimate in pampering. You will love them too...


Pure Pleasure
Pure Luxury
Purely Affordable

Monday, November 2, 2009

Furniture Shopping For The Holidays

Dear Fluffy,
I would really love to meet you some time, but it looks like the rest of the year is all booked up for me. With the holidays afoot I've only been getting about 18 hours a sleep a day and hardly have time to play anymore. One thing on the top of my list is getting my house ready for all the upcoming guests. First on my holiday to-do list is stopping by Anne/Roland for Furniture and Interior Design Services. They have furniture from Harden, Lexington, Wesley Hall, Fairfield and more. I just know they will be able to help me decorate my home with style.
Your Friend,

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just for fun!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fantastic Fountains at R.A.M. Concrete

Dear Fluffy,
Everyday I walk by this fantastic fountain and wistfully think to my self, "It's just too beautiful to not have a dog swimming in it!"
In fact, Fluffy, I have tried but to no avail... Ron, the owner of R.A.M. Concrete insists that his fountains are for people to enjoy, not for dogs to swim in. I plead once in a while, "Make me a doggie fountain."
One of these days he just may.
Coco the Dog

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Panther's Game at Saeeds Bar & Deli

Dear Fluffy,
After this Sunday, watching our homecats get stomped, I just want to sleep now more than ever! Here's to next Sunday and our Panther's taking home the win!
The Wise Cat, Bluey.

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